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Water Leak Sensor

Buy additional water leak sensors for your system. Recommended placements are: Washing machine Dishwasher Hot Water Heater Toilets Bathroom vanities. This product is intended to be an add-on to our Smart Home kits. Please review the information below before purchasing.

This product can be purchased as an add-on to our Smart Home Kit or as a stand-alone device. If it is purchased as an add-on, it will come pre-programmed with the sequences available in our Smart Home Kits (push and email notification if water is detected). If you purchase it as a stand-alone item it does not include programming or setup and will not work without a hub.

Monitor and protect against leaks and floods in real-time.

Super accurate; can detect as little as 0.03% of an inch of water

AAA battery-powered and wireless with 1 year battery life