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Smart Home Kit (Google Home Mini): pre-programmed for vacation property

This kit is perfect for your vacation rental property. It is pre-programmed specifically for simplified management of your short-term rental property. It will help deliver an outstanding first impression to your guests by providing a comfortable and well lit house when they arrive. Also enjoy the piece-of-mind knowing that you can control your vacation house remotely and get notifications when conditions change (see below for description of sequences and notifications). You can prepare your house for occupancy by simply entering an event in your Google or iCal calendar and leave the rest to automation.

Kit includes:

(1) Smart home hub

(2) light switches or dimmers

(1) lamp module for plugging in table lamps, etc.

(2) water leak sensors

(1) Ecobee Smart Thermostat

(1) Google Home Mini

(1) One year subscription to the Virtual Concierge Service (will auto-renew in one year based on current pricing at that time; auto-renew can be turned off).

  • Fully programmed for vacation rental property. No programming necessary. Voice controlled and remote control from IOS/Android device.
  • Smart home devices are voice-enabled so guests can ask Google to turn on the lights, lock the door, ask about specific functions of the house, turn up the heat, etc.
  • Only available in U.S.
  • This price does not include installation. In most cases, you can install these items yourself. You can also hire a local electrician, or we can refer you to an installer. Typically it should take 2-3 hours to install the kit.
  • Please read our Qualification form to make sure our kit will work in your house. By purchasing this kit you acknowledge that you have reviewed the form and that your house conforms to the requirements.

Note: A smart door lock can be added to the kit by adding this item to your shopping cart: 


The Smart Home Kit is pre-programmed to make the management of your vacation home extremely simple. When someone is scheduled to arrive at your vacation home simply enter an event in your Google or iCal calendar. When that date arrives the house will automatically "wake up" and set the following actions into motion:


  • Occupied: Lights on at Dusk/off at 11pm (user adjustable)
  • Unoccupied: all lights off


  • Occupied (Summer): Cool set point set to 72 degrees (user adjustable)
  • Occupied (Winter): Heat set point set to 68 degrees (user adjustable)
  • Unoccupied (Summer): Cool set point set to 80 degrees (user adjustable)
  • Unoccupied (Winter): Heat set point set to 50 degrees (user adjustable)

Door Lock (optional when lock is available):

  • Guest pin code activated prior to arrival; deactivated upon check-out
  • Unoccupied: door automatically locks

You will also receive notifications to your email or mobile device when the following events happen:

  • House changing from Occupied/Unoccupied
  • Low temperature alert
  • High temperature alert
  • Any water leak sensor detects water or resets to normal
  • Monitors battery-powered devices (door locks, water sensors) and provides low battery alerts
  • Set point out of range during unoccupied (service provider changed set point)
  • Optional: Pin code name when door is locked/unlocked
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