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Smart Home Appliance Module

Plug-In appliance module. Easy to use with no wiring required. Just plug it in and it works. This product is intended to be an add-on to our Smart Home kits. Please review the information below before purchasing.

This product can be purchased as an add-on to our Smart Home Kit or as a stand-alone device. If it is purchased as an add-on, it will come pre-programmed to work with Alexa or Google Home for complete voice control and with the sequences available in our Smart Home Kits (lights turn on at dusk when the house is occupied, turn off automatically when house is unoccupied, etc). If you purchase it as a stand-alone item it does not include programming or setup and will not work without a hub.

This Plug-In Appliance Module offers remote control for a connected appliance/lamp. Just plug the module into a grounded AC wall outlet, connect the lamp, and turn the lamp off or on automatically. The module's button offers local control of the appliance, and its AutoSense feature lets you turn the appliance off and on using its native switch.