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Conditions of Use

Virtual Concierge Qualification Form


Thank you for your interest in our Smart Home Kit pre-programmed for vacation properties. The following are some of the requirements necessary to make certain that the system works properly. We recommend that you have a qualified person (electrician, handyperson) review the requirements and confirm that your house conforms to the requirements. If you purchase our kit and it doesn’t work because you didn’t confirm the following requirements, there will be a restocking charge of $100 and you will have to pay for return shipping.


  1. Are any of the locations that you want to control 3-way switches (you can turn the light on from 2 or more locations)? If so, we can either sell you an auxiliary switch that makes a 3-way light switch work or you should look for another switch to automate. If you have a 3-way application please make sure to add an Auxiliary switch to your order for each 3-way that you have.

  2. Please confirm that you have a neutral wire at each light switch that you would like to automate,  and that you have modern wiring (Romex not knob and tube)

  3. Please confirm that you don’t have metal junction boxes where the smart light switches will be installed

  4. Please make sure that you have an unused port on your router or network switch and 120v outlet available near your router/network switch to plug in the hub

  5. Please ensure that you don’t install the smart home hub in a metal rack, metal box or in any closed in container made of metal. There is a radio transmitter/receiver in the hub that is used for communication and it doesn’t work well through metal